Music | Interview | Staycations

By Kieran Webber

The Cambridge quintet have stunned us with their infectious indie-pop sounds. Their previous singles ‘The Enemy’ and ‘Hey Guys’ garnered the attention from magazines such as Clash,  and listening it’s easy to see why.

Staycations are arguably one of the most exciting bands to emerge in the past decade and we are hopeful of their bright future- we are sure that in time they will become a household name along acts such as Arctic Monkeys and Bastille.

We had a chat with the band regarding their influences and what to expect from the young lads in the future.

CLUNK: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions, we hope you are well?

Charlie: I am great thanks, finished up college for the summer and now to start gigging!

CLUNK: Your latest singles ‘The Enemy’ and ‘Hey Guys!’ has drawn a lot of attention from reputable music magazines such as Clash, how does that feel and did you ever expect the response you have got?

Charlie: I really didn’t expect the response we have got, I suppose I play the song so much that you kind of start to lose the sense of how good or bad a song can be. The responses have been great and some of the things people have said about the music is so nice it makes me want to write more.

Ben: It’s incredible thinking about how the songs we’ve written have reached the ears of people outside of whoever we play to, especially those like the people at Clash! It’s feels pretty ridiculous, but also amazing that we have been given opportunities like that, but oh so exciting to think about what the future may hold for us as a result. It’s so humbling to have received such positive feedback from everyone from our good friends and family to online magazines and blogs, and also cheekily satisfying that we’ve collectively created something that people enjoy.

CLUNK: How did Staycations become a reality and what is the story behind the name?

Charlie: Staycations started in secondary school with four of us trying to get our music GCSE coursework done and then it started to get a bit more serious when we started writing our own songs together, Ben (our drummer) joined during college and has been a great addition to the band and brings a new style into our writing.

CLUNK: If you could sum up Staycations in one sentence, what would it be?

Charlie: What you’re missing in life. I’m joking, probably: Spacey indie rock with a hint of grunge.

Ben: 5 handsome boys.

CLUNK: What are your top 5 albums of the year so far?

Charlie: Foals – What Went Down & Eliot Sumner – Information

Ben: Swedish Death Candy – Liquorice, Lonely the Brave – Things Will Matter & The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything That You’ve Come To Expect

CLUNK: What are you excited for the most this year ?

Charlie: I’m looking forward to all of the gigs we are going to be playing through the summer and being able to fully concentrate on the music in our upcoming gap year.

Ben: We’re really looking forward to dedicating more time to sitting down and writing new material.

“Staycations started in secondary school with four of us trying to get our music GCSE coursework done and then it started to get a bit more serious when we started writing our own songs together”

CLUNK: Some artists I have spoken to in the past don’t listen to their own music but I am curious as to whether you do?

Charlie: I think you have to listen to your music. you (sic) have to be happy with what you release otherwise what is the point in making music if you are not enjoying it.

Ben: We throw on a couple of Staycations tunes now and then. I think it’s really important to create something that you believe in and that you wanna listen to.

CLUNK: When you do tour what are 5 essential things you take with you and why?

Charlie: Guitars, deodorant, my MP3 player, A Notebook, and a Capo for my guitar.

CLUNK: Lastly, what can we expect from you in 2016 and beyond?

All: Lots of new material!

Thank you to Staycations for answering our questions, you can check their music out via their soundcloud(below).