Music | Interview | Team New Band

By Kieran Webber

Team New Band are a four piece geek rock outfit hailing out of Brighton and although their music is fantastic they are more than the sound they produce. They, as a band stand for something that few do in the image obsessed music world. Collectively they stand for the rejects, geeks and odd-balls of our society this is a band for anyone wandering the path of confusion and self acceptance.

Their latest single ‘Freaks’ acts as a calling card to all those disenfranchised and extends a hand to help you through the tough times and to show you that deep down we are all freaks and geeks. Although their message is an important one their delivery is filled with energetic joy and a carefree attitude that is ever so alluring.

We had a chat to the man responsible for the vox and guitar (Mark) about the history of the band, what would he do if confronted with Cameron and Farage as well as a variety of other issues.

CLUNK: So how did you all meet and how did Team New Band come to be?

Mark: The band was formed by a group of misfits in the last year of university as part of a class project. Luis and Mark started the band, found Tariq in the street, Maddy in the club and Adam in the office and thus Team New Band was born!

As a band we all just clicked instantly, and weren’t afraid to be completely nuts with each other so it created a really good vibe musically and friendship-wise. We are all completely ourselves around each so whether we are gigging or practising there’s nothing to hide behind and we just let loose. We play our instruments seriously but completely embrace the weird and wacky side of performing as that’s what leads to a fun experience for us, and hopefully for the audience too.

CLUNK: What is the story behind the band name?

Mark: It’s the definition of “The first thing that pops in your head” when we got together for the first time we did a group hands in the middle thing (as if we were a sports team) at which point Luis said “Yeah…Go…Team…New…Band” and the name just stuck from there. This is what happens when you let the drummer name the band…

CLUNK: What was the idea/theme with your latest video ‘Freaks’?

Mark: We’ve been told that the song sounds as if it could be in an American high school coming-of-age film so we wanted to create the vibe of a 90’s house party in the states. We’re really happy the way it all came out and our director Sam Rookes did a fantastic job. He introduced the trance aspect to the video and Maddy slapping us all out of it so we can use live music to save the party! If what I’m saying isn’t making sense you’ll just have to watch the video.

CLUNK: What made you all relocate to Brighton?

Mark: Brighton is an amazing place full of fantastic people, the music scene down here is an amazing microcosm of the whole music industry, there’s every band and every genre you could wish for.

CLUNK: What can people expect from one of your live shows?

Mark: A cacophony of energy, mayhem and killer dance moves. We don’t like to just stand there and play our instruments, we like to perform with them to completely lose ourselves in the music and the atmosphere. We are a party on stage and everyone’s invited.

CLUNK: Do any of you have a gnarly story or freaky tale they would like to share with us?

Mark –

I was once riding my moped through the lanes near the ruins of Furness Abbey in Cumbria (where I’m from) The abbey was destroyed by Henry the VII and all the monks and nuns were massacred.

So I’m riding through the abbey and I felt the ped slow down. It wasn’t a petrol problem and the bike was mechanically sound, thing was it slowed down to the exact speed it would if someone was on the back of the bike… Fair to say I didn’t check my mirrors the whole time I was riding through the abbey in-case their was something on the back however as soon as I went past Bow Bridge (where the abbey grounds end) the bike sped up to normal speed. I think I must’ve given a monk ghost a lift! Pretty freaky…

Tariq –

I was on a tour a few years back with Adam and an Irish band called The Emerald Armada , we’re on our way from Glasgow to Belfast when we pulled up near the sea a couple miles before the ferry. The band had bought fireworks (which are apparently banned in Belfast) we went to join them and ended up having a huge Harry Potter Style Dueling session with these fireworks. It was insane!

CLUNK: What was the biggest disappointment of 2016?

Mark: Bowie dying, Prince dying or leaving the EU, pick one it’s been a terrible year.

CLUNK: What are you looking forward to most this year?

Mark: Last year we won Horsham Battle of The Bands so this year we get to be the headline band, it’s a great privilege and we get to play a huge stage in Horsham Park on the 13th of August; that will be really fun. Also Robot Wars is coming back so things are looking up!

CLUNK: Farage and Cameron are stood in front of you, what do you do?

Mark: Bang both their heads together?

CLUNK: How do you feel Brexit will affect the music industry and creative industry?

Mark: Brexit is a huge step backward for the creative industries, artists rely on their free movement to be able to make a living. With the state of the industry as it is a lot of bands we know need to be able to tour Europe to increase their fan base and make a living from their music. It’s too soon to tell how negatively it’s going to affect music in general but it’s not looking good.

CLUNK: Lastly, what can we expect from you in the future?

Mark: We have the Freaks EP all ready to go it’s just a question of when to release it, also the response to the video has been so good we’d love to make another one in the near future.