Music | Live Review | Beans On Toast @ Whiskers, Newquay

Words : Kieran Webber | Images : Aaron Parsons Photography

Newquay’s live music scene was graced this weekend by acoustic singer songwriter Beans On Toast, supported from local songsmith The Youngest Old Man and surprise guest Sky Smeed who hails from Kansas.

Local lad,┬áThe Youngest Old Man,┬ástarted the night with his laid back and relaxed vibe reminiscent of Jack Johnson’s┬ákicked back┬ásound. He is a modern day story teller through the medium of folk.

A surprise act in the form of Sky Smeed, an American self described “hillbilly” from Kansas who’s energetic take on American bluegrass roots music entwined with folk generated a buzz through the eager crowd. His music was a groove laden, hip shaking ball of fun that allured the crowd, of which he had eating out of his hands. There are few artists who can make a song about barbeques that entertaining, it is also a feat to have the crowd screaming it back at you on your request.

Normally the crowd would light up upon seeing the main act step to the stage but Jay (Beans On Toast) is a man of the people and was seen mingling with the punters prior to his set. It is this relaxed, ‘normal bloke’ vibe that makes him so inspirational. He is just a man with his guitar and a brain full of stories, a man that to many working class Britons is relatable and more importantly his message is an important one to listen to. Jay invites you to wider your spectrum and open your eyes with his honest songwriting.

In fact right, from the get go Beans grabs you by the hand and takes you on an eye opening journey with ‘A Whole Lot Of Loving’, a track oozing with feel good vibes and a message that in today’s world is so important to adhere and also very current.

His set had his classic easy going vibe that he has come so renown for and Whiskers complimented this vibe with perfection.

The night acted as a refreshing insight into what Newquay’s live music scene is developing into. At last there is an alternative venue that is pulling national acts yet still supporting local talent.