Music | Live Review | Lola Colt @ The Exchange, Bristol

By Adam Bundy

Lola Colt are that 90’s ambient alternative feel that we all know and love, where the room comes alive, every new sound is a new feeling.  Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds esq mixed with Stone Roses, the list goes on, some haunting vocals from lead singer, and a Bass line straight out of Geezer Butlers song book. The Melodic vocal lines merged perfectly with the ambient guitars and heavy bass rhythms. The music is so conflicted, in a good way, it keeps you guessing. I was honestly consistently surprised throughout the gig, from euphoric highs to bass heavy chest vibrations. There really was everything.   

The Gig was at  Exchange in Bristol. I had never been here before, and was a bit surprised of the location as the pub next door is a bit rough and ready. However, the place was nice enough, and wasn’t overly busy. On entering I talked with the ticket man; who was guarded behind metal bars, before walking to the bar. The bar wasn’t huge, but it was big enough that it has everything an individual needs, I was impressed by the 5 flavours of San Pellegrino! Naturally I went for lemon, as it is superior to all other flavours. I then proceeded to the main stage area. The stage area where the bands perform is L shaped, which is a little odd as much of the crowd, myself included, tended to bottle neck just passed the double doors on the way in, as the view was just as good, but you could get to the bar if needed. The venue overall is pleasant enough, and filled as the gig progressed.

Lola Colts‘ music is really diverse, which for me is great.  You probably haven’t really seen anything like them before! The 1960’s/70’s vibe was really heavy visually, this was coupled with their very infused music style. In a strange way I think it would be wrong to describe their music in reference to anything else, as I think they would be pushed to really describe it consistently themselves. I could pull out certain instruments for moments, but the diversity every song had would jump styles, the feeling would really move. If you like cool bands, this is one to watch! They use freaking Jazzmasters properly! You will be confused, but you will like it.

One thing I was really looking out for, that I found present on their recorded work, is their ingenuity in creation of song structure. Their music is like a journey, adding and taking away, I didn’t find it necessarily always abided by the set ideals of music that generally bands prescribe too; it has a lot in common with prog. This isn’t to say it isn’t heavily rhythmic. If I said it wasn’t it would be a blatantly lie, this is one of the most rhythmic based bands I have heard. That driving bass line really keeps the music moving forward and allows the guitarists and synth’s to really add musical ornaments and flourishes, which I love. It’s sort of like when you are listening to a band, and you feel it could need a little bit more guitar here and some more synth there, Lola Colt have already done it; and probably some more that you didn’t think about!

The chances are, you will find at least one Lola Colt song you are into. I love melodic metal, and Stoner Rock/ Doom metal, and I really enjoyed myself. I’ve never seen heavy done so pretty, they are in no shape or form metal, but they know how to build the crescendo. I was honestly surprised at times, how ‘heavy’ it got.

I think generally speaking, they are an exceptional band. I think they will be a bit too art house for some. You do have to really give yourself to them, which is fine for me, but I realise not everyone wants to be challenged, nor should they. I think most will however find the show entertaining and engaging.

Will I watch them again? Yeah.