Music | Live Review | Will Varley + Xylaroo @ Mono, Falmouth

Words Kieran Webber | Images Adam Pearce

Falmouth’s Mono has been providing the goods recently and bringing a wealth of musical talent to Cornwall with artists such as Telegram and Warm Brains. March 3rd was no exception with Will Varley gracing the Mono stage with support from Xylaroo.

The small intimate venue created a united and personal experience between the audience and artists making for a unique and pleasurable experience.

Support act Xylaroo came through with a unique and addictive sound that managed to bring the venue to silence, after the opening track ‘Track-a-lackin’ they had the audience’s full attention. At this point they unleashed what was probably the best cover of the Arctic Monkey‘s ‘I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ blending the upbeat rhythm of the original track with their own unique folk sound.

After a quick break Will Varley glided his way to the stage bursting with a cool demeanor and without a breath he started opening with the foot tapping ‘As For My Soul’ which truly set the theme for the night, a deeply affectionate show where the boundary between audience and artist was broken down. There was plenty of interaction between Will and the welcomed hecklers that created a friendly and entertaining night, instead of watching a musician play it felt as if you was invited to hang out with him.

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In Between the laughs and heckles though Will managed to send the whole venue into silence with his beautifully sculpted songwriting and passionate delivery, particularly with ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ a sad and humble story of the stowaway on a London bound flight who fell to his death when the landing gear opened, this story set the room silent as it’s listeners looked towards Will for the story.

‘Until The Grass Gets Greener’ was another moment that sent the room into complete silence as all focus turned to Will and his unique way of telling a story through song, and although the story is personal to him for a moment the whole room joined together and shared the emotion that made the song.

Will’s set came to a close with the politically motivated ‘We Don’t Believe You’ and ‘Seize The Night’ a song about the nights that get wild and most of all enjoying life. The show ended but the crowd remained and the mutterings of encore started to erupt through the audience and it was heard by Will as he burst back onto stage and entertained us with the comedic ‘I Got This Email’ a song about Nigerian email scammers, in classic style he got the crowd involved and the laughter and heckles continued.

Varley came and conquered Falmouth and put on a fantastic show that was as beautiful as it was entertaining, his interaction with the audience was something that few artists partake in today and he was truly a humble man and best of all he was clearly having a great time and this reflected in the audience.