Music | News | Come The Spring Announce Single ’24’

By Dale Platt

With 2015 delivering a number of stellar post-punk releases, it’s rather fitting that Come The Spring provide a reminder of their contribution to last year’s eclectic selection. The Brighton-based band has just released a music video to ’24’ – a track taken from the ‘Revive’ EP – which features live footage taken from the exploits of their recent tours over the last year.

Having performed in a high octane manner throughout their recent shows, it is logical that the footage would be saved for this particular track from the EP. Featuring raspy vocals with some gang vocals thrown in for good measure, the entirety of ’24’ is something that builds with raucous energy that packs an emotional punch. From the footage featured in the video, it becomes more apparent just how passionate the band are about their craft.

As the release of the band’s ‘Revive’ EP passes the year mark, this is a fitting conclusion in what is a significant chapter in the progress of Come The Spring. With the band’s next move in the studio and future shows almost an inevitability, it is only a matter of waiting for news on the next step for the quintet.

Listen/watch here: