Music | News | For The Oracle Share Album Teaser

Words: Kieran Webber | Image: Claudius Cooper

Local Cornish experimental rock outfit For The Oracle have released a teaser for the upcoming debut album ‘Kind Child’ set for release April 30th.

Listen to the excerpt of ‘The October Coda II – Broadway Morphine’ here:

The CD and Digital releases have different track listings. Digital has 5 long tracks, known as ‘chapters’. The CD and other forms of physical release will divide those chapters into a total of 13 movements, in order to give the listener to ability to skip between different parts they like.

Digital tracklisting
1. Bypass
2. Princess
3. Below Sex
4. Sin Of Omission
5. The October Coda

CD Tracklisting
BYPASS (Tracks 1-4)
I. Sparrow
II. Friends Tonight (Strangers Forever)
III. Esté Paseo
IV. Vulture Pt. I

PRINCESS (Tracks 5-6)
I. Hive Minds
II. “Take us back to Heaven, Jack.”

BELOW SEX (Tracks 7-8)
I. Neon Wrists & Burning Eyes
II. Don’t Go Ripping Your Mouth Open

SIN OF OMISSION (Tracks 9-10)
I. Seeder
II. Leecher

THE OCTOBER CODA (Tracks 11-13)
I. Wedding Atlantis & The Kind Child
II. Broadway Morphine
III. Vulture Pt. II