By Kieran Webber

The long awaited announcement of Jinnwoo’s (aka Ben Webb) debut album has finally happened, we can expect ‘Strangers Bring Me To Light’ 2nd September via GFM Records.

The album has been described by Ben as “Autobiographical” and is covered in a waterfall of emotions from his own personal life during his 20’s, Webb explains, “Lyrically, it’s mostly about losing my dad, and relationships I was having whilst writing the record. There is a sort of ongoing contrast between wanting my dad back in my life, and wanting other people in my life to be gone. I write about my health, and think about religion. I was working a lot of things out whilst writing the album, and I think there is that sort of confused fog of your 20’s hanging over the whole record.”

In addition to the announcement Jinnwoo was kind enough to share the album titled track, a truly unique and haunting psych-folk number that is strangely alluring.

Listen here:

Album Artwork & Tracklist:

Jinnwoo_Strangers_album artwork_LOW RES.jpg

1.Solo Man (Prod. Gerry Diver, guest vocals by Alasdair Roberts)

2. I Am, I Am, the World’s Oldest Man (Prod. Weikie, guest vocals by Malcolm Middleton)

3.You Should Be Feeling This Elliott (Prod. Noah Georgeson, guest vocals by Kyla La Grange)

4. Woman (Prod. Weikie, guest vocals by Georgia Ruth)

5. Your Baby (album version) (Prod. Young Montana?, guest vocals by Kami Thompson, Score by Hannah Peel)

6. Sorrysong (Prod. Weikie, guest vocals by Caroline Weeks)

7. Waiting for P to Have a Vision (Prod. Gerry Diver)

8. Wicked Hare (Prod. Weikie, guest vocals by Georgia Ruth)

9. With Birds (Prod. Ben Walker, guest vocals by Georgia Ruth)

10. Strangers Bring Me No Light (Prod. Weikie and Christian Madden, guest vocals by Rachael Dadd)

You can also catch Jinnwoo at the following shows:

14th June – Woodburner Sessions, London
10th July – Old Queens Head, London
31st July – Cambridge Folk Festival

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