Music | News | Sean Grant & The Wolfgang Announce EP & Share Single

By Kieran Webber

With a history of making music based on his family’s experiences to unsung heroes, through a rich seam of melancholy tales, songsmith Sean Grant & The Wolfgang is back with a new EP titled ‘7 Deadly 7’ soon to be released by Fierce Panda Records on May 6th.

Lead single ‘Brother’ tells the story of a 25 year old salesman selling dreams to others in an endless cycle of doom explained by Sean Grant “Essentially this track is a ferocious circle of wanting more from life, not knowing what, but desperately clutching at something bigger than yourself,” Grant continues, “It’s a beast of a world and this is a group of songs trying to make sense of it.”

‘Brother’ incorporates hard hitting percussion with a face melting riff that flows through your body and vocals that will enter your mind and blow your ears off, this song is everything that rock and roll is supposed to be! A dirty track that will have normies reeling in horror.

Listen here: