By Kieran Webber

Rising Scottish rock outfit Vukovi announce the release of brand new single ‘Animal’, released May 13th through Lab Records.

The aptly titled ‘Animal’ sees the band unleash the hounds of hell with their latest release that is as potent as ever dripping in rocket fuel, put a flame to this song and it would truly blow up.

“Animal is all about karma and the animalistic qualities of it,” explains vocalist Janine Shilstone, Once you’re on its wanted list there’s no escaping it. It’s a feisty, energetic and powerful song to us, which I think musically, reflects well with the meaning of it.”

The visuals that accompany this explosive track is as feral as you’d expect with the band donning tribal makeup whilst the camera hypnotises the audience with the circular movement.

Also explaining the video: “We wanted the video to be visually animalistic as well hence why we wanted to transform ourselves away from our natural look” continues Janine. “I like the thought of us looking slightly demonic to tie in with the karma theme.”

Listen\watch here:

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