By Dale Platt

Ahead of the release of their debut album ‘Hell’, the guys from Wood Lake have just made their latest single ‘Hollow’ available to stream. At a time when the blending of black metal and shoegaze is at a creative peak, Wood Lake appear to be an outfit which could be at the forefront of the movement.

‘Hollow’ is a track which is certainly shoegaze at its very core – the black metal trimmings enable the track to really flourish and evolve beyond the normal confines of the genre.

Against a backdrop of crashing percussion, the vocals move from wistful in the verses, to a really charged peak throughout the chorus. There is no doubt the track is leaning heavily towards shoegaze, however, Wood Lake are evidently capable of something with a bit more teeth in the additional black metal stylings.

Slated for release on April 22nd, ‘Hell’ is sure to be packed with a number of twists and turns that deliver the punch that the sub-genre demands. Wood Lake are quickly growing in reputation, and this upcoming debut LP could see that growth accelerate further.

Watch here: