By Kieran Webber

People start making music or form bands for a variety of reasons, some for the fame others for the passion. Highland Kites don’t represent either of these, founding member Marissa Lamar spent the majority of her 20’s very Ill with Lyme disease. As life passed her by in what seemed like a timeless chasm music came to her rescue. After gigging solo around LA she met drummer Neil Briggs together they blend the best elements of 80’s inspired anti-folk and creative and painfully truthful songwriting.

After a string of successful releases the band return with their latest EP, an emotive journey that takes you into the deepest parts of Lamar’ psyche. It is not all doom and gloom though, although the music is emotive it is backed by a huge positive vibe.

You can listen exclusively to ‘Let Me Run’ in full here: