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Out now via Suicide Squeeze Records

Rating: 9/10

By Kieran Webber

Audacity are not mucking about with their latest release ‘Hyper Vessels’ a fast paced, high octane combustion of noise rock dripping in all the good stuff, the band have always been known for their raw energy but with Ty Segall behind the producer’s chair it has been tamed and perfected into a trained yet dangerous sound.

From the opening track ‘Counting The Days’ you are thrown into this anarchic world populated by face melting rock licks and hook-laden garage rock, it is a complete onslaught with no break, breather or rest bite and it is welcomed, the amount of energy that have warped into one record is fucking amazing.

The utter barrage of rock/punk/garage rock is a massive wall of sound that moves as one complete unit, it is a testament as Audacity as a group of musicians as they are so tight, this said musicianship is particularly evident in ‘Hypo’.

‘Hyper Vessels’ is exactly what you’d expect from an album that has the word ‘Hyper’ in the title, it is energetic, explosive but most of all thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end.