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Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

The self titled debut is a purely instrumental piece of work from the multi-instrumentalist and composer Markus Sieber, who goes under the moniker Aukai which is Hawaiian for traveller. The collection of ambient acoustic soundscapes and tranquil atmospheres create one hell of a spiritual ride.

Right from the beginning with ‘Last Day’ you are taken into this dazzling world that you can almost feel and smell, through the album you are invited into a visual bombardment of painted pictures from your own mind. It is the imagery that the music creates in one’s mind that is arguably the most impressive element of Aukais music.

This is felt through the whole album with each song boasting its own tranquility through the atmospheric strings down to the masterclass of various acoustic guitar styles.

It would be hard to pin down the album’s most notable tracks as each one carries itself so confidently and plunges you into a different tale, but with that said there were songs that stood out for me including the sombre ‘Colours Of Dawn’ a pulsing acoustic number that is backed by a variety of string instruments but lead by a prominent plucking of a¬†guitar.

Aukais music taps in to the listener in a way that few artists can match, the emotive atmosphere created by serenading instruments is beautiful. You will find yourself in a trance from beginning to end and before you know it your journey is over and the adventure stops, a breath of relief leaves you but your body wants more.