Music | Review | Big Mountain County – Anachronicle


Out now via Area Pirata Records

Rating: 7.5/10

By Kieran Webber

Italian psych rockers Big Mountain County‘s latest release is a rare and beautiful gem, it has a fantastic mix of psych, post punk and all out freakazoid rock that sets them apart from other psych bands roaming Europe today. Not only is their sound noteworthy, their latest release ‘Anachronicle’ is a live cut from a spectacular show in Rome. A LP release that I feel many bands shy away from, not BMC though they are oozing in confidence and this LP acts as proof.

The journey begins with ‘Conflict Resolution Part 1’ a slow building thumper of a track that carries a similar sound to The Cramps with its snarling vocals and slow building riff. This isn’t a sound that is heard through the whole album though, it is this ability to shapeshift and blend that makes BMC so listenable. The following track ‘I’m Satisfied’ ups the speed and opens with a fast paced riff and an ethereal backing guitar the beautifully floats in the background.

The next example of the bands shapeshifting skills is in ‘About A Clown’ a Doors Esque, far out psychedelic experience that drives you to the furthest depths of your mind and rips you back through, the driving keyboards and slow building riff that comes to its explosive conclusion create a arms out wide experience and leaves you wanting for more. A similar experience is taken from ‘Breakable’ and ‘Farewell’ both tracks a long building megaton of psychedlia.

Like most psychedelic bands there is strong elements of blues hidden between the absolute chaos, ‘Brain Machine’ is seeping in blues inspiration from the, foot tapping, two stepping riff to the simple yet persuasive percussion.

‘Anachronicle’ acts as an insight to what sort of power BMC can bring to a live show whilst also providing a mind melting experience through the medium of psychedelia, rock and some blues elements. This mixing pot of influences has been harnessed and crafted into a versatile, yet pleasurable experience.