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Out Now Via Long Beach Records/SPV

Rating: 6.5/10

By Kieran Webber

Dutch rockers Birth Of Joy are an explosive and energetic ball of fury that when unleashed are a deadly force, this is exemplary through ‘Get Well’. To pin them down to one category would be insulting to the band that shift through many genres and master them all, they dance between 60’s 70’s psychedelia and 90’s grunge. This of course has created an interesting sound and the idea translates well into their music, but at times it does halt the flow of the album.

Although it is clear that the band are having fun making their music and they are making it well, they are still yet to figure what sort of rock band they wish to be. The album dances too erratically between the genres, energetic songs such as ‘Blisters’, ‘Midnight Cruise’ and ‘Carabiner’ all act as great headbanging numbers, the problem is in between this explosive energy comes a huge lull, not even a bad sounding one but one that breaks up the music unnaturally and unnecessarily.

‘Get Well’ is by no means a bad album, in fact is a very listenable album all the way through but it is just not consistent. Birth Of Joy are still figuring out their sound and the problem is they are really fantastic at both the psychedelic elements of their music and the hard hitting riffs they produce but are unsure of what they want to focus on. I am sure that on their tour they will start to gel and get more of a feel of what sort of music they want to produce and from what I have heard they are an absolute unit live.