Music | Review | Blackfall – S/T EP


Blackfall Self Titled EP Out Now 

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

Blackfall are a grunge/rock band hailing from Belgium that really know how to bring the noise, their self titled EP acts as evidence of this. From beginning to end you are taken on an epic adventure full of tasty riffs, adenoidal vocals and heavy percussion.

Opening track ‘We All Make Sins’ starts with a thunderous bassline that aids the song into an erupting volcano, a true face melter. ‘Rise and Fall’ is an epic, swaying metal number that is almost hypnotic due to its elegantly placed backing vocals.

‘Clowns’ is arguably the strongest song on the album and one that truly packs a punch, the guitar rips through the epicentre bringing the focus solely on its heavy but catchy riff. ‘This Is It’ again acts a representative of how hard Blackfall can go and that holding back is something they know not to do, although the track isn’t as explosive as its previous songs it still goes hard but remains somewhat more formatted and less chaotic.

Closing song ‘Time To Be Me’ is an openly expressive song layered in emotion, a driven number that acts as the perfect finisher to the EP leaving you satisfied but wanting more.

As a debut the self titled EP acts as it should showing you a snippet of Blackfalls potential and creates a piece of work that as a band they can use as a reference point to improve their sound.