Music | Review | Bombay Harambee – Goldmine


Out February 19th Via Max Recordings

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

Recorded at Fellowship Hall Sound with Jim Dickinson disciple Jason Weinheimer, Goldmine was written, arranged, and engineered over the last year and a half as Bombay Harambee played through the south and up the east coast of America. Whilst the Mastering was handled by Carl Saff in Chicago, Ill.

‘Goldmine’ is available on multiple audio formats including digital, CD and vinyl, the first pressing of the vinyl release contains additional gatefold artwork by cartoonist Gustav Carlson (Backwood Goat, Tourist Unknown). On the sleeve is a treasure map designed by frontman Alexander Jones, and inside is the limited edition goldenrod vinyl.

The LP itself is an energetic explosion of the best elements of post punk accompanied by catchy riffs and foot stomping percussion not to mention the thickly vocals that compliment the latter.

From opening track ‘Interval’ to the finisher ‘WZTV Chanel 5’ your are led through an adventure into the mind of Bombay Harambee, a twisted, fast paced mind that holds no prisoners.

The tracks that give the listener a break are ‘Enjambement’ which allows for a serine piano to take the lead backed up by muffled percussion and guitar feedback and the absence of vocals allows for a moment of calm. The finishing track ‘WZTV Chanel 5’ also takes a slower route compared to other songs, a wailing guitar takes the lead in this swaying ending to an explosive journey.

Goldmine is a powerful piece of post punk that is sure to not disappoint with its never ending amount of energy and raw, unapologetic attitude.