Music | Review | Broncho – Double Vanity


Out now via Caroline

Rating: 6.5/10

By Kieran Webber

Broncho‘s third album ‘Double Vanity’ comes through with reverb laden vocals and scuzzed out guitars, taking a different direction to their previous bodies of work that fluttered on the more indie pop scale.

As an album it is real tight, although do not expect to be blown away nor have a favorite song as the album moulds into one big sound. Which is no bad thing as it is a very consistent album but admittedly is lacking panache.

Opening with ‘All Time’ a slacker rock track with a wide spectral sound that fills the empty space with heavy reverbs, this track seamlessly blends into ‘Fantasy Boys’, in fact it is almost the same song essentially split into two. This nonchalant slacker rock flows through the first half the album prepping you for the groove explosion of ‘Señora Borealis’, the hip shaking track is a breathe of fresh air in an album that teeters on the edge of boring.

It is in these moments the band truly shine, they prove that deep down they have some energy and when they harness it, it is hard to be matched. Luckily they provide said energy in the thumping ‘New Karma’ and the Ty Segall a la Beach Boys infuenced ‘Speed Demon’.

As an album it is tight, this much cannot be denied as it a complete body of work but at times lacks energy. It is a pleasurable listen but one that requires endurance but if you are willing to put the time into the album then you will be rewarded.