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Out now via Topshelf Records

Rating: 6.5/10

By Kieran webber

The Philly four piece recently signed to Topshelf Records and released their second LP ‘Burden Piece’ which is available now. This came after a bout of shows with Modern Baseball and Sorority Noise which generated a new wave of fans and buzz around the indie rock trio.

With only one song pushing past the 3 minute mark ‘Burden Piece’ is an easily digested body of work that boasts a huge amount of emotion in such a short time. Each track is covered in kicked back slacker pop vibes yet still tickles the emotive tastebuds by touching a variety of subjects from relationships to mental health.

We start with ‘Worth’ the self depreciating track that questions “Was It worth our time?”, I’d like to think so guys, you made an infectious yet deeply emotive album that not only touches the hearts of a newer generation but will be a complete nostalgia trip for fans of the early 2000’s emo scene.

There is a sense of droll about their music that, unfortunately lets them down as it does become a challenge to listen to as it becomes dragged out and somewhat boring. The band have tried to pull through this by injecting moments of energy with tracks such as ‘Crater’ and the ballady¬†‘Quappy’.

As a whole the album is a quick injection of emotive rock music that seeps to the very core of the listener, but at times lacks drive. Which can create a sluggish element to their music that is boring and dull, but thankfully the superb math rock riffs and intense songwriting makes up for this.