Music | Review | Delta Will – Weathering

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Out Now via Bandcamp or Only Constant Records

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

The genre twisting Delta Will have spent most of 2015 working on the debut LP release ‘Weathering’ and the hard work has certianly paid off, the Toronto based band have managed to create a sublime and rare sounding piece of music.

Opening with the serene instrumental number ‘Dawn Song’ with the amount of sound created in such a short time it acts as the perfect beginning to the album, showcasing just how vast their sound can go. This is followed by the pulsating ‘We Were Born’ a shimmering portion of indie psychedelia.

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Through the album there are many interesting elements and much that stood out, particularly ‘Manic Pulse’ with a fantastic blend of synth driven percussion with a glittering riff floating in the background deserving of the genius of Peter Gabriel.

Another standout track was ‘In The Fog’ a glittery rock track with vocals as stand out as Roger Daltrey, in fact the whole song takes a The Who vibe, with its heavy percussion and whirling bassline accompanied by the whimsical yet powerful vocals.

‘Weathering’ is a perfect example of what a modern rock album should sound like, it has everything that is needed to create a funky, groovy and pleasurable listen. As a band they flutter through all the genres with ease from the psychedelic ‘Dream’ to the blues inspired ‘Give It A Chance’ which has one of the most groovy solos I have heard rip through a song in a long time.

It is hard to pinpoint a bad element of this album which is a testament to Delta Will, a band that I will be watching closely and I urge you to.