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Rating : 8/10

By Kieran Webber

Unsigned rockers Eyes To The Skies have made a serious statement with their debut EP ‘Far From False’, an EP that not only boasts the bands range and huge sound but shows that they are here to make a dent in the rock world.

Opening with heavy blues rock ‘What Can I Say’ a track that gloats a huge riff accompanied by raw, gritty vocals, a true rock ‘n’ roll belter, followed by ‘Vacuum Imploder’ a groove laden track oozing in swagger.

‘Blame’ comes in with thunderous percussion that echoes through the track that leads the track to its explosive end, it’s not all power rock and high octane energy though, the band show their more temperament side with closing track ‘Winter Road’, although the song still packs the same punch it is a softer more cooler approach to their sound.

‘Far From False’ is a huge EP from the unsigned act that comes out swinging, the band have a bright future ahead of them if they can keep producing music to this calibur.