Music | Review | False Advertising – Brainless EP


Available April 22nd

Rating: 6/10

By Harvey Williams - Fairley

Hear-ye! Hear-ye! Attention! Calling all those who like to bang their head and indulge in positively filthy, musical pandemonium! April 22nd marks the release of ‘Brainless’ – a new E.P. by False Advertising, the three-piece self-proclaimed purveyors of ‘Twisted Power-Grunge’. This album is nothing short of luxurious listening, a classic example of when DIY garage-rock bands truly hit the nail on the head, perfectly produced, exciting to listen too and hooks in all the right places!

False Advertising is guitarist and vocalist Jen Hingley, drummer Chris Warr and bassist Josh Sellers. Hingely and Warr originally co-founding the band after a break-up ‘post mortem’, realising they could as a pair both play the drums, guitar and sing – as well as producing their own music. A little later down the line, going against their original plan Hingley and Warr sought the assistance of Sellers who is now the bands bassist. So far fans and critics have been bowled over by the music of the trio, Total Guitar compared their sound to the likes of Nirvana’s album ‘In Utero’ but ‘with all the ugly bits emphasised’. I would agree that the sound of False Advertising’s E.P. does embody some of these meaty, drowned out fuzzy guitar riffs, heavy on the distortion much like the style Cobain played, but overall I think we are dealing with better musicians here. Some might disagree with me, and even think this controversial; Kurt Cobain is one of my all time heroes in music, but he wasn’t always a good musician (Maybe it was something to do with his crippling addiction to drugs). No, I am very much of the opinion that if we consider this band (False Advertising) to be grunge, then we are dealing with something very unique. We have complementing male a female vocal, the lyrics of which are macabre in subject matter, but soulful in writing. Also I would like to talk about the current rage in female lead bands causing a riot in the music scene recently, Dazed & Confused recently wrote an article discussing the importance of female anger in music, also highlighting the rise of feminism in music. I’m in no position to say whether or not False Advertising have a feminist agenda, however with the presence of a female counterpart the band are sure to succeed in the current climate of today’s music scene!

False Advertising hail from Manchester, a city from where such bands as Joy Division, The Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays emerged. Not forgetting of course marking the birthplace of the Hacienda Nightclub, created by Rob Gretton and Peter Hook, both associated with Joy Division, New Order and Factory Records. My point being, Manchester has largely influenced bands and the music scene the world-over, and here we have yet another Mancunian (although Hingley originally from Oxfordshire) band who are breaking into the industry, and are doing so with brute force! Mark my words; this is just the beginning of False Advertising’s reign in rock.

Clunk Magazine will be attending the gig in Hoxton, at the Square Bar & Kitchen on the 22nd of April, we will be reviewing the gig, taking some photo’s and hopefully leaving with a an interview also! We can’t wait…