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Out June 10th via Wichita Records

Rating : 8/10

By Kieran Webber

Globelamp is the solo project of ex –Foxygen singer Elizabeth Le Fay and it is a brave and ambitious move by the singer that has certianly paid off, the album boasts her own talent and proves that she is stronger on her own.

Her vocals hover between haunting and beautiful, bringing the listener in but at a caution, this unsettling aura that floats through the album is unique and alluring.

‘The Orange Glow’ opens with ‘Washington Moon’ a tranquil track that flaunts Le Fay’s ethereal vocals, followed by the raunchy psych-folk ‘Controversial/Confrontational’, an intimate and baroque number that seeps into the listeners very soul.

My favorite element to this album is that it is clear that Le Fay has tried to do something different and push her own musical boundaries, this is evident in the piano driven ‘Orange Glow’ and atmospheric ‘Invisible Prisms’ which entices the listener with its ghostly synths.

But it’s not all tranquility and peaceful, Globelamp adds a surprise explosive element towards the ending of the album with the anarchic ‘Piece Of The Pie’ a complete shift in sound that shows Le Fay’s grittier more punk side.

It would be hard to pin Globelamp down to one specific genre as she dances between several with a nonchalant ease, her sound sits very firmly in the folk genre but it draws infuence from a variety of areas, there is elements of psych, lo-fi and even an almost medieval vibe. This unique and special blend creates a truly beautiful collection of music that puts Globelamp above her peers.

Put simply Le Fay’s music is beautiful and is as outlandish as her style, she has drawn the best parts of artists like kate Bush and blended her own style into the mix and baked a big beautiful cake that requires more than just one slice.