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Out now via City Slang

Rating: 8/10

By Rosie Enfield

Having spent 6 weeks in Japan last year ‘Good Luck And Do Your Best’¬†instantly spoke to me.

Before inspecting the album cover or the track list, I could here the Japanese influence from the beginning. Kicking in most notably at the end of track two; ‘In My Car’, and onwards. Inspiration taken from Japan resonates in each track either through instrumentals or underlying emotive stories and teachings, traditional of Japanese culture. Left with a beautifully mastered and highly influential album.

‘Chiba nights’ is the most upbeat track on the album. Full of funky memorising hang drum beats.

There is a theme of irony running through the album. Especially noted in ‘I am real punk’ a beautifully blissful track expressed through peaceful string compositions. ‘A Song For A Dead Friend’ pushes lively beats in contrast with the song title. And It’s fast paced ceremonial glitch sound stands out from the rest of the album. Whereas ‘Unthank’ is haunting somber, breaking in to sounds of dark rainy weather quickly moved into the last track of the album ‘The Good Times Are Just Beginning’. Trumpets sounds in celebration Leaving you on a high and ready for more.

The Japanese are notoriously good at evoking and capturing emotions through storytelling, music and performance art which is mirrored within Gold Panda’s first album in three years. A diverse use of sounds and instruments from start to finish. Including shamisen strings, hang drums, echoing deep and high vocals and sounds of spyro the dragon collecting gems. The album takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotion conjuring nostalgic vibes.