Music | Review | Guy Jones & His Often Wonderful Orchestra – Pets & Pestilence


Out now via Bandcamp

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

Brighton based writer and performer Guy Jones released his debut solo EP in which he plays the entire myriad of instruments, excluding drums, which were played by producer Joe Caple. The EP is a work soaked in haunting melodies with similarities to Father John Misty and Sufjan Stevens.

Pets & Pestilence is an intimate reverie in human relationships symbolised by three animals (a cat, spider and dog), articulated through the medium of folk infused soundscapes with hints of psychedlia.

Opening with the sultry ‘Broken Body Brittle Bones’ a tranquil yet haunting track that seeps into the very core of the listener with its cutting lyrics such as “It’s about time that the good times turn into good memories”, whilst backed up by Jones’ weeping guitar.

Followed by the hypnotic ‘Charlotte’s Web’ a swirling mix of folk and psychedlia with powerful vocals streaming across the song, Although closing track ‘My Dog’ acts as an opposite to the former songs by putting the vocals in the background and bringing the percussion forward creating a heavy and enticing lure that pulls you in.

Although this EP only spreads itself across three songs it is a complete and full body of work that has clearly had Jones’ blood, sweat and tears poured into it. This is particularly evident through his enigmatic song writing that is as mysterious as it is beautiful.

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