Music | Review | High Tyde – Safe EP


Out now via Loud Talk

Rating: 9/10

By Kieran Webber

Brighton’s latest offering to the music world are tearing it up and are showing no signs of slowing down, the band have a long and fruitful path ahead of them and as Annie Mac put it “Have got the potential to go as far as they like”.¬†

Their latest EP is a thunderous belter that manages to get so much done in just four songs ranging from explosive indie with ‘Dark Love’ to groove infused ‘Safe’ a track that is a guaranteed hip shaker.

‘These Nights’ is an egomaniac number that boasts High Tyde‘s confidence and rightly so, this track dances dangerously on sexy and soulful.¬†Closing with ‘Wine’ a drony, euphoric indie pop ballad that has a shredding solo rip through the song whilst the percussion and bass dance elegantly in the background.

To cover so much ground in just four songs is mesmerizing and a real talent and this is something as a band they are literally oozing, High Tyde are set to be one of the UK’s biggest bands and this EP acts as a showcase to as why this is the case.