Music | Review | Kiss Me Stupid! – Poster Girl For Kindness EP


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Rating: 6.5/10

By Kieran Webber

The Swedish good vibe merchants latest release ‘Poster Girl For Kindness’ EP a jingling bag full of sunshine rays and candy pop, although there feels like a thin layer of irony glazed over the top.

Across the four tracks you are grabbed by the kind and caring hand of Kiss Me Stupid! and taken on a splendid journey through fields of irony and tongue in cheek village.

A perfect example of their tongue in cheek song writing is heard through ‘Sorry For The Millionth Time’ whilst their heart wrenching but ironic track ‘Poster Girl For Kindness’ is draped in ironicicms.

As a band they have managed to make a very listenable collection of music that is bursting with intricate songwriting backed up by a variety of unique and interesting instruments that complement their style perfectly, although there is still something missing from their music hopefully in time they find their magic but as it stands there is nothing stand out per say.