Music | Review | Less Win – Trust


Out now via Big Oil Recording Company

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

Less Win are a shining gem amongst the endless pit of post-punk bands available to us today. Not to say that there are too many, but they certainly seem ubiquitous. Luckily, there are a few that stand tall among the others, and Less Win‘s debut album is a testament to the band’s unstoppable, dark and haunting energy.

However, the album does take some dips, which comes as an annoyance and breaks it up. in-between the ferocious energy that they harness they have a tendency of letting it just go, only to flutter into a melodic breakdown. This is not to say the music it is bad it just aids in the album losing coherency.

This tone is set from the opening track ‘Rituals’, a bass-led number with an absolute monster riff whilst nasal vocals burst through. This energy simply disappears in the following song ‘Bury The Heart’. This track does have its own charm, thanks to the sporadic guitars and screeching saxophone, it just seems a shame to lose momentum so quickly. A similar pattern occurs in the transition between the high octane ‘Crucifix’ and the mild ‘Mare’.

Although, it feels after the chaotic opening the band find their feet and the album falls comfortably into its own flow. The following songs dance between jarring, chaotic and haunting post-punk and it feels the band truly find their sound. Particularly in ‘Where You Lay Your Hands 2’, a belting post-punk anthem.

Overall, ‘Trust’ blends the best parts of what people expect from a post-punk trio, it’s chaotic, unpredictable and bursting with emotive vocals. Whether they prefer the fast paced chaotic punk side or the more subtle approach, the band do both excellently. It just seems to me that the band need to define their sound, both for themselves as well as their listeners.