Music | Review | Little Lapin – Holding Out For The Kicks


Out 16th July

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

I first had the pleasure of hearing Little Lapin’s music at the Ride Book Launch in Newquay, Cornwall. After the first few strikes of her guitar I was intrigued, and then the vocals came in and it was at this point my curiosity turned to attention.

This event led me to check out her sophomore album, ‘Holding Out For The Kicks’, a rustic and simple album that is an utter pleasure to listen to. The 9 track album boasts her heartfelt songwriting ability which is boosted by her emotive delivery. Put simply, her music is beautiful and dastardly infectious.

Having spent a fair portion of her life travelling, it is clear that it has had a strong influence on her music. The opening track, ‘California Sun’, beautifully captures the soul of  West Coast America with its rambling guitar that touches on psychedelia soundscape.

There is more though, as this album acts as a personal insight into the artist’s life. It is a series of short stories backed by delicate plucking of a guitar. Lapin gives us a peek into her more personal side with tracks such as, ‘Lovers Gate’, and closing track, ‘You Light Me Up’.

As a whole, ‘Holding Out For The Kicks’ is a an exquisite secret that flows gorgeously from beginning to end. Lapin’s butter-melting, emotive vocals, combined with her touching songwriting, create a harmonious atmosphere that will leave you warm and fuzzy.