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Out now via Black Tigress Records

Rating: 9/10

By Kieran Webber

Lola Colt are an unstoppable force, a band that acts as one swirling machine spitting out psychedelic beats left, right and centre. Although the band’s psychedelic elements take precedence they infuse film noir soundtracks, gloom rock and North African Arabic vibes.

Their latest album ‘Twist Through The Fire’ showcases the band’s spiritual and ethereal nature; you don’t listen to their music you become it.

Opening with ‘Gold’ a pulsating psych number that is pushed forward with a groove-infused bassline. This certain pace and energy flows through the first few tracks ‘Dead Moon Jeopardy’ and ‘Eagle’ warming you up and providing you with the much needed energy for the trip ahead.

By the time ‘Twist Through The Fire’ comes around the said energy has all but disappeared and transformed into slow, driving psychedelia, and it is at this point that the band shine. They grab you by the hand and throw you into another dimension, a reflective world where you see all your past mistakes and, if you allow, your future. At least that is what it feels like. Although beautiful it is haunting, but you accept this and you offer yourself up to Lola Colt.

But it’s not all spiritual connections and acid dreams, they infuse sounds of 60’s beat-pop with the borderline mod track ‘Moonlight Mixing’, a track that is bursting with swagger and will have you clicking your fingers whilst chewing gum.

‘Twist Through The Fire’ is an exceptional album that truly keeps giving, it has something for most dedicated music fans, it is not the sort of album that grabs you by the danglies, you have to allow yourself to be wined and dined and once you have the reward at the end it is one of pure spiritual tranquillity. Put simply the album is brilliant, beautiful and bursting in the finest elements of 60’s psychedelia.