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Out Now – Self Released


Rating: 6/10

By Kieran Webber

Loop Line is an indie-rock band based out of multiple locations.  They are but two men, who live in different cities. Currently, Paul lives in Minneapolis and Luke lives in Phoenix. They first met in Minneapolis, where they played together in various bands until 2009, when life got in the way and forced their musical collaboration online.

Geographically challenged ever since, they’ve been making music together by sending files back and forth over the internet, revising and adding to each other’s demos until they become truly collaborative songs.  Hence the moniker “Loop Line,” representing the musical data packets that are constantly traveling back and forth between two points, thousands of miles apart. ‘Wakes’ Ep is the follow up to their 2014 LP, ‘Tides.’

The opening track ‘Nothing About You’ is an emotionally driven soft rock song with many layers, the harder you listen the more you are rewarded with several layers of guitar and vocals all harmonising as one beautiful track. Following on ‘Grin’ changes the tempo but the same catchy upbeat tone remains, a Beatles inspired foot tapping experience.

‘Parts Unknown’ is arguably the best song on the EP due to its catchy chorus and memorable riff, with strong similarities to Weezer. The closing track ‘Dusty Keys’ has an almost doo wop vibe sprinkled with a modern sound, a simple yet effective track that acts as a perfect finisher for the EP.

‘Wakes’ EP is short and sweet listen and an accomplishment due to their geographical challenges, to create music that polished from two different locations is a feat of its own.

Loop Line could act as the new Weezer very easily in the future and the ‘Wakes’ Ep is but proof of that, It has been too long since upbeat riff driven indie rock bands have hid in the shadows and bands like Loop Line are lighting the path.

Listen to ‘Wakes’ here: