Music | Review | Lost Dawn – Fever


Lost Dawn – Fever available 5th February via Easy Action Records


Rating: 8/10

By kieran Webber

Cornwall is known for many things and has gifted the world with pasties, King Arthur and Aphex Twin and soon to be added to the list is Lost Dawn.

Arguably Cornwall’s brightest and ‘hottest’ band around right now with a long and bright future ahead of them, so far the band hasn’t disappointed as with each release they develop and grow  shaping their music into their own recognisable sound.

The mini album ‘Fever’ is just another piece of evidence that Lost Dawn are not slowing down and that cosmic domination is imminent.

The opening track ‘Electrify’ is a psychedelic pop riff fest reminiscent of the 60’s yet still remaining very much their own sound.

The album as a whole acts as a taster or a sampler of what is to come from the talented trio from the indie – hip shaking ‘Naked Lunch’ to the groovy, sexy T-Rex inspired number ‘Construction Rock’ and not forgetting the hypnotic and far out closing track ‘Águila’.

Lost Dawn are a band that never ceases to surprise and amaze me as they are developing at an incredible rate and this is clear through their music, although ‘Fever’ is a mini album with only 6 tracks it shows more diversity and talent in it than some bands can achieve in a whole career.

The band can back this up with their live shows too always providing a quality and fun filled night for all, I look forward to seeing what they deliver in the future.