Music | Review | Lust For Youth – Compassion


Out March 18th Via Sacred Bones


Rating: 4/10

By Kieran Webber

Lust For Youth are a unique band and at the moment sound like no other artist which is their gift and their curse, they are very much a marmite band – meaning you will either love them or hate them.

No matter what you think of their deliverance and sound you cannot fault their songwriting, particularly in ‘Limerence’ a spell binding number that ignites a flurry of emotions within the listener due to its beautifully crafted songwriting.

But unfortunately gems such as that are not enough to keep the whole album a float, the album becomes a chore with you clinging on hoping to stumble across the next listenable song.

My gripe with the album as a whole is that although their sound is unique for a 21st century artist it feels like they are trying to mimic the electronic synth sounds of the 80’s and although at times this is charming especially in ‘Sudden Ambitions’ a whole album starts to grate and become tedious.

As a whole ‘Compassion’ has some charming elements to it and effective use of synths and percussion help aid the listener through the painful drones of Hannes Norvidde. As previously mentioned their sound is so unique and nostalgic of another time that for some it may be hard to stomach, with that said certain tracks are tight and as songwriting goes they excel.