Music | Review | Monster Youth – Lost Dream, Cool Fire


Out Now Via Fons Records

Rating: 9/10

By Kieran Webber

Monster Youth plays a mix of psychedelic and explosive garage rock and to say they play it well is an understatement.

After 25 Belgian shows in their first year they’re now trying to invade the Netherlands, among other European countries. Their 1st LP ‘Lost Dream, Cool Fire’ was released back in October 2015 on Fons Records but we liked it so much we decided to review it.

The LP opens with the short but sweet ‘Get Out’ a garage rock psych fused noise fest that acts as a sampler for what is to come.¬†Following track ‘Long Way To Go’ flutters closely to an indie theme similar to The Libertines, it’s catchy, fun and playful.

‘I Think I’ve Lost My Brain’ comes in heavy with thumping percussions and jagged guitar backed up by heavy reverbed vocals another song draped in energy. With the same amount of energy ‘Lost Dream, Cool Fire’ brings a less noise rock sound and heads towards a more groovy psych sound showing off the band’s diversity.

The track ‘Boredom of Life’ has a very Fat White Family feel similar to their song ‘Cream Of The Young’¬†with its hypnotic chants and hard but slow percussion. It is also worth noting that this is the longest track on the LP lasting 4m 10s.

The closing track ‘Life’s Too Short (Like The Weekend)’ grabs all the peace and tranquility from their music and channels it into this relaxing psychedelic folk number. The song then explodes into a cosmic array of beautiful sounds reminding us of Monster Youth’s unpredictability.

‘Lost Dream, Cool Fire’ is an impressive piece of music ranging through several different genres and mastering them all. The LP is fast paced, noisy and full of energy but there is also a softer more tranquil side that shimmers through the explosive garage rock.