Music | Review | Murph & The Gazorpos – All Night EP

Rating: 9/10

By Kieran Webber

What started off from young Charlie (The Red Cords) drawing cartoons of Dick Dale and logos from The Modern Lovers has vitally progressed into two minute, foot tapping, unrequited love song under the moniker of Murph and The Gazorpos.

The debut EP from the Falmouth cherub is an infectious 8 minutes of explosive power pop dripping in reverb and is sure to get those hips shaking. Each track brings its own sense of energy from the foot tapping ‘Washing machine’ to the thrusting self loathing of ‘No Reply’.

The ‘All Night EP’ is a fantastic example of the sound that Falmouth has become so notorious for through Cornwall and across the nation, it is fast paced, addictive garage rock that is as fun as it is contagious.

Listen here: