Review | Nada Surf – You Know Who You Are



Out March 4th Via City Slang

Rating: 5/10

By kieran Webber

‘You Know You Are’, marks the band’s eighth record in total and fourth for City Slang, It was produced by long-time comrade Tom Beaujour at Nuthouse Recording in Hoboken, NJ. The album marks the band’s first as an official quartet with the core unit – singer/ songwriter/guitarist Matthew Caws, bassist Daniel Lorca and drummer Ira Elliot – joined by Doug Gillard on second guitar.

Nada Surf are a strange beast that have always sat very comfortably in the middle of being a huge success and falling into obscurity, they rose to prominence in the mid nighties with their summer anthem ‘Popular’ which could of easily saw them being a one hit wonder band, but to everyones surprise they kept going and built a fruitful career.

For fans of the nineties soft rock scene this album will act like a blanket of nostalgia that covers you up and keeps you warm, reminding you of easier times, times where it was acceptable to pretend you’re in an episode of Friends.

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Opening track and arguably the strongest on the album ‘Cold To See Clear’ is an example of Nada Surf’s ability to create uplifting percussion led pop music that is as catchy as it is pleasurable. ‘Friend Hospital’ is another gem within the album again holds its element of sunshine and feel good within the music with morbid vocals bursting through thanks to Michael Caws.

Although the album is a pleasurable listen and is not necessarily a bad one, it drags on and sounds very the same with each track ending up blending into one 40 minute slog. If you are a previous fan of the band then it is a must listen with some golden moments but don’t expect to be blown away.