Music | Review | Odonis Odonis – Post Plague


Out now via Felte Records

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

Odonis Odonis are a unique band. There are few pushing boundaries as much as the Toronto based noise merchants, there music is what I would expect to hear as you crawl towards the gates of hell. It is dark, twisted and almost insultingly loud but it has a strange lure and an uncomfortable attraction.

The effective use of dark electronic tones infused with post-punk sensibilities has helped them craft a unique and powerful album that is pulsing with haunting electronic beats. This uncomfortable tone is felt from beginning to end, it is an electrifying journey that throws you into a whirlwind of chaotic noises and deafening screeches.

Opening with ‘Fearless’, a thunderous bone-crushing industrial hammer of a song that comes down with a mighty force only to come to an end abruptly. Followed by the shifting ‘Needs’, a track that sums up the band perfectly, electronic beats that backed by post-punk percussion that is intercepted by howls and screeches.

Thankfully the band offer a respite in between the carnage and that comes in the form of ‘Pencils’, it is here the band show their softer more melancholy side. This continues through to the borderline indie track ‘Game’, these two songs come as a welcome break from the bands intense sounds.  Although, disorder takes the stage once more with ‘Vanta Black’ and ‘Betrayal’, both songs coming through with pulsing techno percussion .

As a whole the album is a tough listen but if you give it time you will be rewarded, it is a unique album that boasts some electrifying music. I warn you though don’t expect to be dazzled on the first listen.