Music | Review | Outer Spaces – A Shedding Snake


Out now on Don Giovanni Records

Rating : 6.5/10

By Kieran Webber

Baltimore trio have come through with ‘A Shedding Snake’ a loose but coherent album that truly boasts Cara Beth Satalino songwriting ability, as well as her melodic and harmonising vocals. It is this no bars held songwriting that elevates Outer Spaces, it feels as if Satalino has peeled back her skin to reveal her soul. This is all backed by slow, loose fitting rock melodies and soft percussion.

The album opens with ‘I Saw You’, a vocal driven escapade with moments percussive lead starting the album with a burst of energy. An energy that flows through ‘Words’, ‘Postman’ and ‘Stone and Water’, it is not chaotic but is the juicer side of Outer Spaces.

In Between this are moments of tranquility and reflective thought in tracks such as ‘Mint On The Still’, ‘Shades Of Grey’ and the REM inspired ‘Heavy Stone Poem’. These tracks act as the perfect break between the more energy driven songs, creating a perfect balance through the album.

The only criticism is that some of the songs tend to sound the same making it hard to differentiate to as what track you are listening too, it is not a case of any song is bad, far from it, it is just the album can become a chore to listen to in one sitting. With that said the album still stands strong due to the bands viperish songwriting and eclectic musicianship.