Music | Review | Perhaps Contraption – Mud Belief


Out now via Grabby Claw

Rating : 8/10

By Dominic J Stevenson

Perhaps Contraption is an acquired taste. The London group’s melange of musical genres and sounds makes it palatable to fewer folk than some acts. It is however a very brave band that incorporates and obviously loves a great many types of music (there is ska, punk, pop, funk, jazz, etc, etc, etc.). That they successfully combine such elements at times is startling.

‘Mud Belief’ comes some time on from the band’s last album. The band may be little known but this album is a weapon that could change that. It’s certainly a festival band, a band that embraces life and enhances it in such surroundings for others.

Ahead of the album’s release several songs could be heard and seen with accompanying videos. The videos are as good as the tracks and together give an indication into this rollercoaster-ride 9-piece’s mind-set. ‘Droplets/Molecules’ is a stunning piece of brass-pop. There’s a definite sense of sea-sickness over the course of the record such is the shifting from calm to stormy waters on multiple occasions, often within just one song, but it’s a journey you just can’t miss.

But it’s the band’s creative energy, visual, sonic, and experimental lust that make it impossible not to love and be charmed by the band. It might be impossible to like everything on offer here, but it’s hard not to love at least some of it, and therein get caught up in the wave of euphoria that sweeps you up and takes you for the ride with the band. There are not so many bands willing to experiment and be as brave as this anymore. In an era of commercial mundanity where too many play it safe, Mud Belief shows a band taking risks and deserving any attention that may be directed their way. Check this out, it’s perfect summer fun made by an idea machine – the 9 members of this original and bright band. Just listen to the laughter that opens ‘Nobbles,’ it really sounds like they had a riot making this album!