Music | Review | Rusty G’s – Low


Out now via Nub Music

Rating : 7/10

By Kieran Webber

The emerging rock duo Rusty G’s have been making a name for themselves by cutting their teeth in the UK tour circuit supporting other rising acts such as Vukovi & GUN, this relentless touring and playing live has aided in crafting their sound for the debut full length ‘Low’.

Opening with the electric ‘Oh Yeah’ a tantalizing track lead by an infectious riff backed by fiery percussion, this speed and ferociousness is kept up in following track ‘Crawl’ a reverb laden Nirvana-esque grunge lead by James Finch’ gritty vocals.

The most impressive element of this debut is that as a duo they have managed to make a sound so large it resembles an elephant bulldozing its way through an estate, the two of them create this wall of sound that some full bands cannot create. Tracks such as ‘Killer’ and ‘Static’ are prime examples of this effortless triumphant rock and roll sound that they summon.

Rusty G’s have blended some fantastic elements of grunge, rock, and alternative into one mixing pot of a debut album, this creates a diverse and listenable experience. Through the album you will encounter heavy percussion, tasty licks and riffs so fruity that should be exported, a fantastic opener to the promising rock duo.