Music | Review | Sam Jordan & The Dead Boys – When The Golden Morning Comes EP

Sam Jordan & The Dead Boys_When Golden Morning Comes EP_artwork_300dpi.jpg

Out 6th May Via Dead Good Records and Cooking Vinyl Publishing

Rating: 8/10

By Harvey - Williams Fairley

Brighton is one of my favourite places in Britain. If it weren’t for my friends who live there, I probably wouldn’t have been as immersed into the city as I have been! You can see a lot as a tourist, but not enough. It’s returning frequently when you start to feel as though you can call Brighton a home away from home. It’s everything about Britain you could wish for in a city. Brighton is Friendly, welcoming, cultured, busy but calm, thriving, well-connected, eccentric and vibrant. Some might think this controversial – but most importantly Brighton is not London. In Brighton you can kill a day at the beach, play in the arcades on the front and on the pier, indulge in some fish & chips, shop till you drop and grab a pint to nurse your sore tootsies in one of the many awesome bars and pubs there after. Personally my favourite thing to do is take a wander through the lanes and grab some bargains, get some food and pretty much spend a whole day browsing. This is a very small part of the city, but essentially one of the most important places in Brighton for music. The lanes are home to Resident Records, still a thriving music outlet in an age where most of the shops I’ve become accustom to have sadly closed since the Internet boom. G.A.K. a simple, but humorously disgusting sounding acronym stands for the Guitar, Amp & Keyboard Centre. Go there! It’s the stuff dreams are made of. Occupying three storefronts and hoarding all of the musical hardware and goodies you could think of! Lastly but not least, the lanes is always host to an array of buskers, the lifeblood of the lanes in my opinion.

Many of my good friends are in successful bands that have been born, raised and nurtured in Brighton. The music scene is extremely vast, in your face and exciting! People in Brighton are sometimes weird and just don’t give a damn (in the most humble way possible). It’s a place that is safe to experiment, musically etc. Thus, when the product is beginning to shine and music does so from Brighton with a fluorescence unlike any other music scene, we the audience are graced with awesome tunes.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling on about Brighton. I’m here to talk about an artist who I am humbled and honoured to be able to write a review upon. Recently I have become addicted to the sweet, sensitive and soulful sound of Sam Jordan & the Dead Boys. When I listen to Jordan’ music it’s as though I’m being washed over by calm, warmth, joy and sadness all in one collective and unique feeling. When I first listened to Jordan, I instantly linked comparisons to Justin Vernon, who performs under the moniker; Bon Iver – who I feel is safe to say is, and will forever be a game changer in indie folk music since the release of his debut ‘Emma Forever’ back in 2007. It is this dreamy sound that Vernon brought to folk music that has paved the way for artists such as Jordan to walk upon, ‘Skinny Love’ is a song that has been covered the world over, in an array of different fashions. The sound is loved, and personally I feel as though Jordan is successful in emulating this – but puts emphasis on the darkness within his own music. Two and half minutes into ‘Waiting Rooms’ we are greeted with a sharp and moody key change that sends shivers down my spine each and everytime time I hear it!

Sam Jordan is a distinctive artist, with a peculiar and interesting back-story, once a ballerina, turned builder, turned musician. I like to picture Jordan in my mind as a ‘delicate geezer’, he has a rude boy appearance and a swagger in his voice, especially as he effortlessly parades up and down the tonal regions when belting out his lyrics. His powerful voice flits effortlessly between a gruff soulful baritone to a melodic and vibrant soprano. ‘When Golden Morning Comes’ is Jordan’ new E.P. set to be released on the 6th of May on the Dead Good Records label.

Clunk will be there to chat with Jordan at his show at the Islington, Angel, London on the 16th of June.