Music | Review | Scott Yoder – Looking Back In Blue


Out now via Annibale Records

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

After a 12-year run, Seattle rock band The Pharmacy called it quits in 2014 amid the rubble of smashed instruments, nervous breakdowns, heavy drinking and worn-out dreams. A little time passed before the singer of the band, Scott Yoder, picked up the pieces for a fresh start. His first EP ‘Sisters Under The Mink’ (May ’15) was a stripped down departure from the poppy psychedelia of his former band The Pharmacy. He spent much of the year touring the US and opening for acts as diverse as Jessica Pratt, Juan Wauters, Kevin Morby, Jesse Sykes, Mark Lanegan, The Abigails, Jimmy Whispers, Dead Meadow and a bunch more. Now we are fortunate enough to have Scott Yoder’s debut LP ‘Looking Back In Blue’ out now via Annibale Records.

‘Looking Back In Blue’ is a refreshing LP that screams reminiscent of David Bowie, we may have lost him this year but the universe has given us Scott Yoder.

His far out take on singer/songwriting has created a sonic take on the traditional ‘man and his guitar’ this unique psychedelic sound is strongest in opening track ‘Silve Boy’ a whirling trip out harmonised by organs.

The album takes many forms dancing between folk and psychedlia yet no matter what the sound the songwriting remains the strongest part of Scott’s work especially in ‘Ribbon Of Hate’ and the infectious ‘Looking Back In Blue’ a track that you will be humming throughout the day.

Scott Yoder is on an interesting path and one that I am sure will see him releasing some amazing music, ‘Looking Back In Blue’ is but the beginning of this artist’s solo path.

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