Music | Review | Silverfield – Flower EP


Out now via Homebird Records

Rating: 6/10

By Kieran Webber

When one thinks of Herefordshire you think of rolling greenery, Tudor buildings and scenic hikes. You don’t expect a band with such an explosive sound to come cascading out of this stereotypical English town.

Silverfield are a frantic storm of grunge/garage rock that is oozing in teenage angst, through the EP you hear influence from the likes of Nirvana and The Clash but carried by a dash of modernism.

The EP showcases the bands potential diversity, they flutter between several genres ranging from pop punk to fuzzed out grunge and in each one they show extreme confidence. The standout tracks being ‘Nothing When Yr In Love’ a heartfelt yet fun garage rock escapade draped in swirling guitar to the grunged out snarls of ‘Flower’.

As a whole the ‘Flower’ EP is a pleasurable listen and acts as a great introduction into the band, however, they still have a way to go in regards to finding their sound. Although they do dance through several genres and act comfortably in them the EP can feel jumbled due to the sudden shifts in sound. Hopefully by the time the LP comes around the band will have narrowed down the sound they wish to achieve and pick one they are most comfortable with.