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Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

Before jumping into this review It is worth noting that the two stepsisters Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo are very young, Mayo being born this millennium. So to produce an album as outstanding as this early into their musical careers is a fucking amazing achievement.

‘The Big Fit’ is an infectious and addictive mish mash of indie pop, punk and grunge. Some reviews have accused the album of being all over the place and not consistent, but personally I feel that this is not true, instead of following the same rhetoric throughout they have experimented and tried new things and it has worked very well.

Opening with the powerful ‘Oddie Moore’ they boast their vocal range dancing between harmonic and aggressive screeches accompanied by shredding guitar and hollow percussion.

Followed by the punk riddled ‘Perfume For Now’ that explodes into a sound that even Nirvana would be hard pushed to replicate. This angst riddled music is consistent through the album particularly in ‘Nothing More’ that is a scuzzed out 90’s punk inspired number, this track sits closely to their influences not only as a replication but as a peer.

As mentioned Skating Polly have not been typical and created a run-of-the-mill punk record, in between the screeches and snarls that consist through their cyclone rock they have dabbled in slowing the pace and creating melodic ballads such as ‘Protective Boy’, ‘Arms & Opinions’ and the piano led ‘Across The Caves’.

This experimentation has made ‘The Big Fit’ a unique and tantalizing album that will act as the stepping stone for Skating Polly, as a band they have proved they are capable of so much and show no signs of slowing down. The future is certianly bright for the stepsisters and if they keep on they way they are they are going to blow a hole in the rock world.