Music | Review | So Pitted – Neo


Neo is out February 19th Via Sub Pop

Rating: 7/10

By kieran Webber

I myself am somewhat of a newbie to the Sub Pop label but from what I have heard and researched myself it seems that they were popular in the late 80’s early 90’s for their collection of ‘downer rock’ artists on their roster. More recently though they have broadened their horizon and signed acts such as Father John Misty and noise hop artists Clipping.

So Pitted are everything that Sub Pop used to represent in one big bag of raw, unapologetic, in your face punk.

The Seattle band are master craftsmen of punk and in many ways are dragging its dying corpse through the trenches with their debut album ‘Neo’ which contains all the greatest elements of punk music, with their crunching almost mechanical sound accompanied by the devilish snarls from vocalist Nathan Rodriguez.

The best part is that as a band they have tamed their musical beast and are riding it with complete control, they are so tight and although chaotic it is under complete control.

Tracks such as ‘Pay Attention To Me’ bring forward an explosive sound that is sure to blow your head right off its shoulders, it is heavy, loud and bursting at the seams with attitude. ‘Woe’ comes in distorted with a swirly bass line running through the whole track Rodriguez’s vocals make this song almost hypnotic; ‘The Sickness’ is a toned down but still fuzzed out number that floats in a more doom rock genre but still holds a fast pace.

So Pitted are a fast moving and intense unit that create a wall of sound that is as impressive as it is chaotic, the intense riffs and heavy percussions create an uneasy atmosphere but one that is very attractive. ‘Neo’ pushes the boundary between noise rock and punk almost blurring the lines between the two, it contains elements from both genres, it is dirty, covered in sweat and carries its give no fucks attitude with a confidence that can only be admired.