Music | Review | Spice Boys – Spice City EP


Available April 22nd Via PNKSLM

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

‘Spice City’ EP was recorded during a one night drunken session in Erik Karlsson of Chicagojazzen’s studio in Umeå and is set to be released on April 22 via PNKSLM Recordings, and will act as an introduction to Sweden’s most exciting new garage punk act.

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And what an introduction it is, the explosive EP is filled to the brim with reverbed DIY goodness and oozing in that slacker rock cool.

Opening with the energetic ‘It Coming’ a destructive garage punk number with wailing vocals and percussion that seeps through you, an occurring theme through the album, it is high octane and non stop with no respite. This isnt to say each song sounds the same or as an EP it is boring, in fact it is far from boring as each track may be dripping in punk ecto plasm it still remains fresh and new.

With stand out tracks such as ‘Fuk Luv’ and ‘Can’t Turn Back’ this EP is a showcase of just what they as a band are capable of, and that is utter and complete destruction. It is no wonder that they are being hailed as one of the most exciting bands from Umeå.