Music | Review | Summer Cannibals – Full Of It


Out May 27th via Kill Rock Stars

Rating : 7/10

By  Kieran Webber

Summer Cannibals have been on my radar for a while but I am ashamed to admit that their third full length has acted as my introductory album to the band, but they say it is never too late.

The third installment ‘Full Of It’ is a tirade of pure anarchic rock ‘n’ roll that smacks you round the chops and invades your ears. A noise so large and fuzzy it will leave a ringing in your brain.

It opens with the hectic ‘Go Home’, a rampant assault of percussion and hook laden riffs, a track that truly sets the tone of the album. This isn’t to say that they sound the same or their energetic sound is repetitive. The band harness this said energy in a variety of ways from the slushy girl groupism of ‘Say My Name’ to the explosive (and by far my favorite track) sound of ‘Full Of It’.

In every bands career they hope to achieve a defining album and I feel that ‘Full Of It’ may just be it. They are as tight as a tick and have a confidence within themselves and their music that is truly rare.

Summer Cannibals have made a high benchmark with their third release through Boudreaux’ self deprecating lyrics accompanied by her snarling delivery, not to mention the hard hitting percussion and energetic riffs.