Music | Review | Tacocat – Lost Time


Out April 1st Via Hardly Art

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

The four actual best friends—Emily Nokes (vocals, tambourine), Eric Randall (guitar), Lelah Maupin (drums), and Bree McKenna (bass)—came together in their teens and early baby twenties and coalesced into a band eight years ago, and you can feel that they’ve built both their lives, and their sound, together.

This is evident through their first two albums ‘Shame Spiral’ and ‘NVM’ and continues through with ‘Lost Time’ I consider their music a showreel into their friendships and lives.

Although time has moved on Tacocat‘s sound has not and this is no bad thing, whoever says guitar pop is dead, is dead inside. You can expect the same shimmering sunshine vibe that bursts through their music accompanied by the fuzzed out guitars creating a surf bum, pop punk journey.

‘Lost Time’ opens with the breezy ‘Dana Katherine Scully’ a homage to the X-Files detective that acts as a perfect example of Tacocat‘s playful and fun songwriting style. This level of playfulness is evident through the whole album particularly in ‘I Love Seattle’ and ‘The Internet’ with both tracks being glazed in electric hyperactivity.

However, it is not all lollipops and candy canes. Although the music itself is uplifting and has a carefree vibe it still tackles the tough issues of life such as going through a breakup ‘You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit’ is a song that anyone that has been in a relationship can relate to and will have you smirking to oneself due to its bitter but entertaining lyrics.

In Between the bright eyed pop rock Tacocat release some unexpected energy with ‘Plan A, Plan B’ a punk track ladled in raw unapologetic attitude, it acts as the perfect mid way song breaking up the album in fantastic style.

Tacocat have created an addictive album that is full of personality, it is not just a pop guitar album delivered by feminists (a point which so many people seem to be focusing on) it is another chapter in the story of Tacocat and one that will have you gripping and holding on for the next installment.