Music | Review | The Hanged Man – Lord Have Mercy EP


Out Now Via Kning Disk

Rating: 6/10

By Kieran Webber

The Hanged Man is the project of Rebecka Rolfart, who first made a new for herself in Swedish indie pop combo Those Dancing Days and Vulkano, before striking out on her own as The Hanged Man.

After the critically acclaimed debut EP ‘First Quarter Moon’ The Hanged Man worked hard on their second release ‘Lord Have Mercy’ EP a thunderous piece of psychedelia.

Opening with the ominous ‘Darkness Hides Inside’ a slow paced track that hides cautiously from the listener luring them into a false sense of comfort as the following song ‘Sea The Ocean’ rips open a hole in the universe, the hypnotic riff and howls from Rebecka vibrate to the bottom of your soul.

‘Invincible Trees’ is a deep and low toned sonic explosion driven by heavy percussion and a groovy bassline still a trip out number but the most constructed track on the album.

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Closing with ‘The Descension of Inanna’ a powerhouse of psychedelia that just keeps giving due to its many layers, from beginning to end you are taken out of your body and travel deep into The Hanged Man‘s soul.

The four track EP provides just enough for any fan of psychedelic music to be left satisfied, The Hanged Man have crafted a true beauty of work for fans new and old to enjoy. However with this said I still feel that there is something missing, I feel with a little extra power added to their music they will be an unstoppable force. Due to the nonchalant vibe of the album it could easily be forgotten but with that said it still is a fantastic listen.